Name Michael
B-day 03/31
Gender Male
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Hi Im Michael or Mike or Mikey aka Michael Murder or EMOCOWBOY... I'm emo and I love music. I'm the webmaster of this site and I come from Poland. I'm also an artist, animator, poet, guitarist, amateur linguist and some other things probably, I dunno.


Colors Black, red and green :D
Bands Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, Pierce the veil, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Tokio Hotel,
Hobbies Pokemon, lingustics, HTML/CSS/JS,
Video games All the Pokemon games, the Sims 3, Kirby,
This website is going to be mostly about me, however there will still be a lot for you, guys :D I love making graphics and I love when people use them. You guys do not understand the excitement I feel when I see someone using a blinkie I made, even if it's one of those horrible ones I used to post on Tumblr in 2019.
All of the graphics on this website (except for the ones on the 'Art' page) are completely free to use!!! You don't have to credit me but I appreciate if you link back to my site. My only rule for using my images is that you don't hotlink. I do NOT tolerate bandwidth theft. You thieves!!!


I don't remember exactly when I found Neocities but I remember I made my first website in 2021 and it was heavily inspired by Melon King (shout out to him btw, his website was one of the first that I saw and the one that inspired me to make my own website in the first place). It was called michaels-cool-website and it sucked because I didn't know anything about HTML. But it was a great first step!! I won't give you a link but if you really care you can look it up, I don't mind.