Alesana is an american post-hardcore band formed in 2004 in North Carolina. They released five full-length studio albums with their first one, Try this with your eyes closed releasing in 2004.
I don't remember how I started listetning to them. I just remember that I randomly decided to listen to them on a bus to some village (I was on a school trip), though I don't remember where I had heard of them and what exactly motivated me to start listening to them. My first song was 'Curse of the Virgin canvas' and I absolutely loved it, still do :P

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The Emptiness
Yeah this one's my favorite XD I generally love concept albums and albums with narratives and this one is one of those. It also has screamo elements which I love. I love shawn milke's voice, I think it works great for the music that they make. I also think that this album has the best cover out of all of them, even try this with your eyes closed which is great.

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