Favorite moodlets from the game

The sims 3 is the first game in the sereis to introduce moodlets which affect the sims mood (as the name suggests lol). The Sims Medieval version of moodlets are called buff the affect the sims focus instead... though they're real similar. TS3 moodlets tend to be a bit terryfing but that's what i love about them, those buldging eyes never fail to make me smile. And let's not forget the references to early 2010's culture LOL. Some of them are weird/funny but some are just plain sweet :) I <3 TS3 moodlets | MOODLET JUNKIE
You can see more info about them on The Sims wiki. that's also where i got all the images from LOL.

WARNING: This page is not finished, I'm still working on formating it lol

Icon Name Goal Sim
Street Credible Reach Level 10 of Street Art Skill
Create 7 Masterpiece Murals
Chess Legend Master the Logic skill
Become a Grand Master in Chess
Anaya (failed)
Raquelle (in progress)
Rock Star Reach level 10 in the Music career track (Rock branch) Kyle
Illustrous Author Master the Writing Skill
Master the Painting Skill
Heartbreaker Be the Boyfriend/Girlfriend of 10 Different Sims Ramona
Star News Anchor Reach level 10 in the Journalism career track Ephraim (in progress)
Vocal Legend Reach level 10 of the Singer Career Drew (in progress)
The Jockey Reach Level 10 of Riding Skill
Win/Earn ยง40,000 Simoleons using your Horses
Vivian (in progress)
Turn the Town Drink from 20 Sims
Turn 5 Sims into Vampires
Danny (in progress)
Celebrity Psychic Reach Level 10 of the Fortune Teller Career (Scam Artist Branch) Jacqueline (planned)