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NOTE: if you download these they won't be under the "Store items" category but under "Custom Content".

SITES - THE goth/emo cc forum - emo/goth cc with both .package and .sims3pack files :D - some older download links don't work anymore unfortunately :( but there's still a lot of stuff to be downloaded lol - the name of the blog says it all XD - cool cc but i cant use it cuz its all sims3pack but i know some of you'll like it :D - mostly wiccan/witchy/goth but i think a lot of it could still fit for emos XD post - ClubCrimsyn archive


Collars and bracelet -
Collar and bracelet -


Some clothes -


Coffins -
A bunch of gothic decorations -
More garden specific goth deco -
hair - (sims3pack)
spiked chockers, bracelets and a ring -
sweater -

coat -
MLP propaganda posters(not emo but theyre funny) -