Vampire's death

Black grew like a flood
As the red in her hair
Escaped like blood
From an open wound
Like an eclipse
And a bloodmoon

A black soul
Leaving her heart
Like a rivers source
Splitting apart

Her eyes as alive
A the moment we met
But the truth's a knife
It's sharp and a threat

At first - an out of tune piano
But the longer you listen
You hear her soprano
And see her eyes glisten

She was roaming the square
walking so unaware
but monster beware
of the vampire slayer

A wooden stake
A bible, a rood
as vile as a snake
but made out of wood

An eternal rest
was now her fate
Wanted to be blessed
But now its too late

[no title]

a drawing came with this one, ill add it when I have the time

Stare into the golden sun
dive into the clouds
Back where the blue began
Deep black and endless lights
Look at the waves
crash into the sky
As they shake the graves
Of what was once the light