What type of emo are you?

Have you ever wondered about the type of emo you are? Or if you were even emo at all? If yes then this quiz is for you :D
This is just for fun so don't take the results too seriously

1. What's your favorite emoticon?

I don't have one...

2. Favorite color combo?

Black and red... like the color of my soul and the color of my blood...
Rainbows!! :D
Does Black and a darker black count as a color combo?
Do you guys have anything with color around here?
Black + a neon color... the best combination

3. What genre of music do you listen to?

Screamo is AWESOME :D
Pop :3
It's posthardcore and pop-punk for me :P
All of these options SUCK!!

4. What do you do in your free time?

Cry T_T
Watch anime :D
I watch youtube videos
go shopping :*
I listen to music

5. What color is your hair dyed?

The darkest black they had at the store...
Some crazy unnatural color like blue or green
I haven't dyed my hair -_-/It's dyed a natural color
A natural color + crazy highlights/tips :D

6. ROFLcopter?? O_O

uh wut O_o
the fuck?