Which dark type Pokemon are you?

This personality quiz is for Pokemon fans about the most emo of all the types - DARK O_O
This is just for fun so don't take the results too seriously

1. Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty lucky
No, I feel like everything around me turns into a disaster...
I don't believe in luck
Uh... Sometimes

2. What do you think is important in a Pokemon?

Its attack stat, I need a Pokemon that can HIT!!
It needs good bulk and good support moves.
I like Pokemon that look cool...
I like Pokemon with interesting backstories or gimmicks :D

3. Which one of these types do you like the most?

Just dark for me, thanks

4. Design-wise, what type of Pokemon do you like?

Pokemon that are cute :D
Pokemon that are cool >:D
Cute and cool Pokemon
Pokemon that are emos -_\\\

5. You ordered some food but it's way too salty... What do you do?

Brave through it... I can do this
This is all my fault T_T
Ask for a refund or a different meal
Give it to my friends... I can't eat this.