Which The Sims 3 Expansion Pack are you?

Phew... Finally done :P This one took a lot of work because there are 11 EPs lol... I didn't include stuff packs or whatever because who cares about those. Also I don't want anyone to get Katy Perry's sweet Treats, that would be just sad

1. Which description do you think best fits how you dress?

I dress like my grandma
I take inspiration from foreign cultures
Emo/goth >:D
Like a circus clown
I dress COOL as SHIT!!
Like a total weirdo
None of these options fit me...

2. If you were to commit a crime, which one would you choose?

Tax Evasion
Disturbing the peace
Drinking and driving
Drug Possession
I would never!!

3. What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time with my pets :3
Spend time with friends and family
Swim/snorkel/scuba dive
Going out with friends
I study... And then study some more!!! School is so stressful!!!
Earn some extra cash on the side
Curse people
Work out
Something else...

4. Really basic question but – what's your favorite color?

purple or pink
shitty blue
i like ALL THE COLORS!!!

5. How would you descrive yourself?

A bit behind...
Ambitious (lol)
Really cool
A total show-off!!
A creep, a weirdo
A rebel
Always changing and always indecisive
Ahead of my time B)
Hates change

6. Which job would suit you the most?

One that would earn me a lot of money
One that would allow me to meet cool people
One that would allow me to show off my skills
One that would let me express myself
One that would be fun for me
A job!!?? I don't want to think about that yet, I'm still in school!!!
A job?? I'd rather chill
I don't need a job
Preferably one that's borderline illegal

7. How many friends do you have?

Soooooo many, I'm basically famous
Quite a few, I'm pretty popular
My family are my best friends!
I have a couple and we all belong to the same subculture
I find friends wherever i go
I have one best friend and that's all that I need
I don't know anymore, I keep changing friend groups
Do animals count?
I don't need friends

8. What type of music do you listen to?

Music from other countries
Anything they play on the radio
Dubstep or remixes of other songs d-_-b
Gothic music
Rock or punk
Anything chill
Noise music

9. Time for some game related questions :P What do you like doing most when playing the Sims?

Playing with occults
Getting money $$$
Breeding the best horse there is
Playing through several generations of Sims
Having fun i guess
Breaking the game

10. Which is your favorite occult(life state) in the game?

Vampires :F
Mummies :D they're so wacky
Witches... <|:P
Those weird fucking dolls added in generations
Mermaids :D
Werewolves :3
Ghosts or Genies
I prefer regular Sims

11. Which is your death (or ghost) in the game?

Old age... I like when my sims get to live for a long time
Mummy's curse... It's so spooky
Thirst – the ghost looks so cool!!!
Jelly bean :P So exciting
Shark attack
Buried Alive
Ranting to death... I can relate lol
My sims never die!

12. Last question! Which EP do you like the most?

World Adventures
Late night
University Life
Island Paradise
Into The Future