The Sims

My sims' profiles:
My favorite game in the franchise is The Sims 3 :P It's the one I've played the longest XD I've spent the last week just playing it the entire day... Yup my easter break is super productive :P The game's too addictive. I love playing it and listeting to weird al, the songs just fit these games, you know?
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Screenshots from my current playthrough:

My sim Michael drawing in university to get his Fine Arts Degree...

Why is the mascot dancing gangnam style O_o

Mike studying for finals on his emo bed ///_-

Graduation day :DD(he got an A XD) don't ask why hes so pissed LOL

his girlfriend Ayana that he ment in uni playing chess :3(she's so cute X_X)

Them togetehr LOL

They adopted a kitty :D his name is Peppy(short for pepper)

The guys had a kid O-O (and got married but the wedding was kinda a flop so no pix -_-) his name is Kyle. This is a photo from his birthday XD the babies in this game look so funny lool so helpless

Ayana and Kyle playing together :3 i have no toddler CC but whatever... toddlers are always ugly in these games... XD

They moved to a new apartment :D

peppy's birthday :) he looks so goofy now

peppy thinking about himself

Kyle's birthday to child

Mike's birthday :D he's now an adult

kyle playing with his stupid doll

Kyle now has a sister :P sorry kyle

these guys should not be parents

wtf are u teaching her

Anaya's birthday - she's an adult now :P

Mike's trip to the bar so he can get some extra celeb points.

ebonys birthday :P she a kid

her stupid imaginary friend keeps teleporting (dont mind the dirty clothes on the floor)

Kyle's brithday :D he's now a teen :)

moved houses :D this is their new house

anaya challanging some n00b to a chess match

Ebony's birthday :D too bad she glitched the fuck out and it took me 2 days to fix her -_- still love her though

Kyle finally got his Lifetime Wish after going to a concert - Rock Star

Umm... Well this happened O_O

I didn;t expect that TBH O_O
I wass gonna look for a girlfriend for Kyle but I guess I don't have to anymore XD
His boyfriend is Bubba Prattle-Merrick, son of Beau Merrick and Marina Prattle. i love the story progression mod