I changed the Webgraphics collection page to be a bit better. I added a new quiz and added an event calendar to the homepage. I also added some new original graphics to the my graphics page.


I added a tutorial on how to emofy a mac computer. i might add a PC version someday but I myself (unfortunately) have a mac so I'll prioritize mac users. Sorry windows!!!


I added another quiz. Updated the Bands section. Now you can click on any band and get free graphics made by me :D Of course not all band pages are done but you can still check them out


I added 1 more quiz with images you can put on your websites... Have fun :P Also updated the About me page. I added a blog section with one entry


No... Web Archive is down... I was just browsing it... And so is gifcities... I hope they bring it back soon... I'm so sad...
As for the website...I've added a bunch of stuff I hope you like it... And I'm working on some other things as well... But for now it's a secret >:) Edit: It's back on lol, still made me sad though :P
As for the website I added 2 new personality quizzes/test :D I also revamped the menu because it just didn't feel right.. I also made a new better banner and changed the background. So fresh :D


I'm back... for now lol A week ago I got my first ever piercing... it's in my left ear. crazy, huh?
As for the website... I added a bunch of new things, I changed the homepage a bit, added more stuff in the webpile(but there's more to come!!), added a surveys section for myspace-style surveys and some other minor things... overall i'm having fun


A break from school!! awesome I added a quizzes section where you can see results to the quizzes i sometimes take for fun
anyway, I added a guestbook, check it out pls


I'm back at school..... And now i have to socialize.... waaaaahh
anyway, I added a guestbook, check it out pls


Glitter graphix is back online!!!!! Hopefully it wont go back down again...... I still got backups for all the glitter graphix sourced images. and as for site updates.....
I added a collection of graphix I've found.


Glitter graphix is down and im so sad maybe it will go back up but i dont think so... :( goodbye... hopefully not for long... anyway, updates....
I changed the color of all the linx so they are more visible, added another link in the interests page and added a TON of linx to the cool linx page


I added a music player which works on the entire website . I think it's pretty cool. Every band in the favorite bands section
(except PTV I couldn't find any midis) has a play song button now, which plays a song by the band


lol I forget to write down the updates often... Anyway
Well, I added a page for my own graphix(mostly blinkies for now), all the bands in the fav bands page have their own pages now(most of them are just icons for now though ), and i finally have my own website button!!! Add it your website if you like my stuff .


i added site buttons for cool sites, i have an imood now, and added more decorations to pages.


i came back and added a couple of things. i added the interests page, mor bands in the band section, added mor stamps and added fanlistings im a part of


i added a fav bands page


i added mor stamps and blinkies to the side bar
i think theyr awesom ^_^

i added a view counter so you always know how many people have visited